End of Lifegaurd

End of lifeguard

In Nature Photography, Sandpoint, Sunrise by Josh Smith

End of Lifegaurd

Yesterday morning my nephew and I went out to get some shots of him for his website LajTrippFishing.com. I was trying to find something that had a good background and as I was walking down the beach I saw this sign "end of lifeguard on duty" and one more just down from this shot that says "no lifeguard on duty. As my nephew is spreading his wings to leave his roost and taking on the world. His life path is taking him to Florida and he is not planning on returning to live up here and leaving his parents for the first time. I thought the sign of "no life guard on duty" to be very fitting for the situation. Being that he will be so far away from his mom and out in the world on his own it reminded me that he will be at the "end of lifeguard on duty"...

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A going away photo shoot with my nephew. Keep an eye out for this future pro angler... He's going to rock it...#lajtrippfishing #alphacapital

Posted by Josh Smith on Thursday, September 10, 2015