Rainbow Spring 2016

April Showers Bring Rainbows

In lakes, Nature Photography, Rainbows, Sandpoint by Josh Smith

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Hi again everyone and thanks you for signing up to my photo of the month. It is that time of the year and spring is here. This year has been incredible for rainbows at least in the Sandpoint, Idaho area.

This is the 3rd rainbow I have seen this month of April and the day after I took this shot another incredible rainbow showed up making 4.

Why do I highlight this particular rainbow? you may be asking or not, but I am going to tell you anyway. This is the first real full rainbow I have seen. It always seams like you only see part of a rainbow and when I first saw this one it felt the same until I really took a look around. I was in complete wonderment of how large it was. It was a full 180 degree turn of the head to see it all.

Below you can see I tried to get a panoramic while I got most of it it still cut off the top. This thing was enormous. Also if you did not notice it actually was a double rainbow again full but lighter on the top of it.

Rainbows to me mean a fresh start, a new beginning, and a cleansing of the soul so for them to come in spring makes perfect sense. It is also very fitting as I have a truly great friend of mine and my biggest supporter, beginning a new journey in her life. While I am going to miss her immensely while she is away, it is her new beginning and fresh start. I wish her the best on her new adventure may she see many rainbows. Wait, being that she is like the sunshine I suppose she is the creator of rainbows, so I am sure she will. :)

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Until next month have a wonderful day, week, and month.
I hope you enjoy!

Josh Smith