Sandpoint Below Schweitzer Mountain

All About Sandpoint

In lakes, Longbridge, Nature Photography, Sandpoint, Schweitzer by Josh Smith

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What an amazing place, voted top in the ten places to live several years running. I have been here for over a year now and would absolutely agree. However if it were to grow much more it would not be the beautiful place it is.

I have lived in many places big and small and seen what over population can do to the beauty that falls upon untouched places. This particular time I was fortunate enough to have a friend that knew of a great place to hike an see the scenery that over looked the town of Sandpoint.

There are so many things to love about this very fine little town. First is all the local shops and businesses that fill downtown in a 6x6 square block area that has some of the best waterfront to eat, walk, shop, bike, board or whatever fits your fancy. After all it is and I quote "A walking town" according to the very first sign you come across as you pull in to town. It is so awesome to see people who actually pay attention and stop for pedestrians.

Secondly is the people here. Some would say they are as friendly as the Canadians only Americanized. Meaning they believe in gun rights here and proudly so. While you do get some of the small town atmosphere of everyone knows who you are and whats going on. It is very community friendly environment where people will actually do their best to help others rather than gossip about what is going on. Something that I have not seen to often else where.

For myself it is all about the nature around me. Everyday I see new things and so many different wild animals and the ways the weather changes constantly. The immense amounts of views every direction you look. Want to see something new just go for a walk in a different direction. The mountains create different angles and views with every turn. One thing I have learned here is the sun is always shining it just depend on how high you are above everything else.

All four seasons, yes it is here. It is great when you can actually experience all four seasons. I grew up this way and then left for a long while. However when I came back to it, I realized how wonderful it was. The nice thing is none of them last to long, so you do not get tired of them and almost can not wait until they come back.

It is a tourist town. From the fantastic skiing and snowboarding at Schweitzer Mountain during the winter. To the most neatest events during the summer like Lost in the fifties, the follies and the many different concerts. Almost every weekend is filled with a fun event put on by the city of Sandpoint and local businesses around the town. Again keeping to the point of keeping things local. Which is one of the best things about this town. I will say there have been a few invaders of the big conglomerates. Starbucks, Dominoes and Pita Pit have made there way in to the local environment of this town. Although when you compare the amount of traffic they get compared to the local shops it is not even worth having them there, they just take up space.

I hope you all enjoy and if you have not done so yet sign up for my photo of the month where I will be sharing these stories and be announcing some of my giveaways of my photos in different formats, (metal, canvass, regular print, and other media formats).

Peace everyone and enjoy life. We are all one.