Pend Oreille River - HDR

Gold Hill Sunset

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 Heading down the mountain

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Here is the sunset I was telling you about in my previous post. This was taken up on gold hill in Sandpoint.

While it was a beautiful day, I was hoping for a few more clouds than the few that would stream through every now and then. I think clouds always make the shot more exciting and create movement. However it did make for a great clear shot of Sandpoint.

I spent the day up here with my friend who had shown me this place. It was incredible to watch the sun go down from here. But as the night drew near we realized that we are still in the woods and no moon tonight. So it was going to be real dark, real soon and Yep you guessed it no flashlights.

Needless to say my friend realized this way before me and bolted on down the mountain like a little fawn running from a cougar.. It was actually a funny site to see.

while I was heading down the mountain I seen this hole in the trees and got one last shot of the sunset. As I was taking the shots I kept looking back to see how dark it was getting and almost could not see anything.

I finally got back down and it was dark and the last 15 minutes I could only see about 5 feet in front of me. It was nice to hear my fiend calling out is "Josh is that you?" as she couldn't see either.

One of the most funnest things about photography is the places you end up and the situations you get yourself into, just to get a photo..

I hope you all enjoy these pics.

Always remember to enjoy the life, love and laughter.

Josh Smith