City Beach Sunrise

City Beach Sunrise

In HDR, Nature Photography, Sandpoint, Sunrise by Josh Smith

City Beach Sunrise

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I almost missed this one. Normally I am not an early bird, however the sun has been waking me in the mornings with much splendor as my eyes open for the day. So I figured I would get up early today and get a full view of it. I really thought 4:00 AM would give me plenty of time to catch it. I soon discovered I was running late to morning sunrise. Although I did not have much time for taking shots I still took some time to find a new place that should provide for some decent sunrises. To the left is a sample shot of my new spot.

What a fantastic find and a great spot for morning coffee and photos. I will say I always feel fantastic when I wake up early and the views can not be any more blissful. I may have to start a new trend in waking up early.

One thing I always strive to do is take a few moments a day for myself. To calm the mind and get back in touch with nature. Although I do this with out my camera as well, I do enjoy the days I can capture the moment forever.

I hope you all take a moment to enjoy the day! If not you can always enjoy these photos.

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Hope you all have a great week. Enjoy!
Josh Smith