June's Rainbow

Rainbows in June

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June's Rainbow
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We have had an exceptional year for rainbows or at least it has been for me. So, yes you are getting another one from me. This will be the seventh rainbow I have seen in 2 months and one of the neatest ones I have seen out of them all.

The great thing about this one is that I got to watch it form and disappear in to the night sky at which point I got my last picture of this event which I call Dueling Sunsets (see image below). It had the best of both worlds here in Sandpoint. Some nights we have a dark blue sunset other nights we have a bright pink and sometimes mixed they together depending on the cloud densities. This was actually the first night I have ever seen both at the same time on opposite sides of each other. The whole event was very magical.

There is something about a rainbow that speaks to us all. In different ways of course. A sense of wonderment and awe. A refreshment to the soul and nature. A bridge to the sky. New beginnings and opportunities. Money and wealth (AKA. The pot of gold). A promise from the divine.

However, you want to look at them they always tend to attract our attention and give us an inspiring mindset and for a brief moment fill us with joy and excitement.

Out of all the beauty that nature gives us, I feel that rainbows have the most profound positive affect on our being. It is purest of energy in its rawest form, broken down into all its glory and color. Light puts color in to everything we see from the flower and trees to the pigment of our skin. While we get to see the results of what light does daily. We rarely see light displaying those colors from the light itself. Rainbows gives us brief glimpses in to what light really looks like.

For me rainbows mean change, a fresh start, a renewal of the soul and a sign of better things to come. While sometimes we only see change and not the rest. It is good to keep your eyes looking to the sky for the friendly reminders of the rainbow and what it may mean to you in whatever positive sense it may have. At the very least it will give you a moment of pause in life to relax and gain peace. If only for a moment. Something I think we all need at times.

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