Lake Louse Clear with Clouds in the Middle

Oh Canada

In Canada, lakes, Mountains, Nature Photography, Rivers by Josh Smith

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Oh Canada, What sights you have to see. I have finally made it up to Banff and Kootaney national forest in Canada. It was absolutely amazing to see. So much ground to cover I can tell now that this will not just be a one time adventure.

The glacial waters are a beautiful ice jade green and the mountains peak over the trees of the forests. When your out and about you can not help but to feel the energies of nature in full effect.

The parks are very clean and well maintained with the utmost respect for the wild life and nature. Something you do not see here in America. It was very refreshing to know that this beautiful place will last for a while before human intervention takes it's toll.

The weather here is ever changing. If you go, keep in mind that you should pack for fast changing weather conditions. It can go from sunny and warm to thunderstorms, rain and really cold in a matter of minutes.

There are lots of wild animals, (bears, wolves, moose, deer, bighorn sheep, Ect.) so be respectful of your environment, and remember this is their home not ours. They are wild so even though they get close do not think they will be friendly if you get in their space.

Here are some of my shots from my latest adventures up there.

Have a great day and Enjoy.

Josh Smith

 When you forget your SD Card

Here is what happens when you forget your SD Card for camera and are stuck with your phone for a few hours before you can get to a store to get a new one. My little Zen Rock session with my phone. Hope you enjoy.